Like many things the word ‘Politics’ has its roots in ancient Greece – Politiká or ‘affairs of the cities’.

Decisions in Northern Ireland from a political perspective can be difficult; much more so than in other nations. Affairs here are backed up by strong power relations amongst individuals, religious groups and sewn together by questions surrounding national identity.

The murals of modern day Northern Ireland have become symbols of Northern Ireland, depicting the areas past and present national, political and religious divisions.

Where football is concerned Northern Ireland is a nation that has achieved far more than its country size would suggest. Even when the conflict of the ‘troubles’ were at its height the national football team achieved more on the field of play than the larger south had ever achieved. The period 1982 to 1986 were the golden years for the Northern Ireland national team despite the grey and sombre backdrop of murder, bombs and terrorism that seemed to be a weekly occurrence.

To be continued…..