Hamburg – Everyone but HSV

Hamburg is a major port city in northern Germany and the second largest city in modern day Germany.

Affluent, expensive and cosmopolitan it is connected to the North Sea by the Elbe River.  

The city of Hamburg itself is crossed by a number of canals but there are also large areas of leisure space such as parkland, botanic gardens and lakes.  This is a city of boats, cafes and restaurants with seafood dishes, curry wurst and even traditional soup is a specialty.

The area surrounding Hamburg is especially appealing with numerous historic towns such as Lübeck in close proximity.

Like Bremen, Hamburg is a city state and this serves to differentiate it from many other German locations.

FC St. Pauli are the ‘other’ major football club from the city.  

Unlike HSV – a club who were a European Champions cup winner in 1983 – St Pauli have enjoyed very little success in Europe and currently play in Bundesliga 2.

St Pauli are known for its association with alternative views and left wing politics as well as the nearby Reeperbahn. The club is widely recognized for its distinctive far left left wing fan culture and has a large popular following as one of the Germany’s foremost ‘cult’ teams.

Hamburger SV and St Pauli are not alone in the city.

There are at least another 12 clubs in Hamburg playing at various levels of the German league ladder.

These include SC Victoria Hamburg, Concordia, SC Condor Hamburg and Altona.

Images for the other Hamburg teams is here.