Real Oviedo was founded in the Asturias region of Spain on March 26th 1926.

The club is a union of Real Club Ovetense and Real Club Deportivo de Oviedo. The first ever match was a friendly match against Arenas de Guecho on May 1st, 1926.

In its first game in the old Spanish First Division Real Oviedo defeated Barcelona 7-3 and they soon became a team known for title challenges.

The Spanish Civil War put paid to early possibilities of success.

Through the decades great players have wore the blue and white club colors – Zabala, Lángara, Herrerita, Marianín, Jokanovic, Robert Prosinečki and Duvobský.

Real Oviedo play home matches at the Carlos Tartiere Stadium which was opened in 2000. The previous ground was demolished in 2003.

Prior to this the club played at the Buenavista Stadium which was completely renamed the Carlos Tartiere in 1958.

The stadium was remodeled again for the World Cup held in Spain in 1982 – Austria, Chile and Algeria played fixtures here.  

On the site of the previous stadium sits the Oviedo City Palace of Expositions and Congress.

The Carlos Tartiere Stadium was officially inaugurated on September 17, 2000 with a Primera División match between Real Oviedo and Las Palmas.

A regular venue for the Asturian derby ‘Derbi asturianu‘ against Sporting Gijon the new stadium has been severally criticized due to its locality and modern infrastructure.

Over recent years it has earned the nickname the La Formigonada (the great concrete) in Asturian.

The fans however have done all they can to add color largely to the interiors.

Since dropping out of La Liga Real Oviedo has become known for its passionate fans something that has stood consistent and is helped thanks to the appearance of rivals Sporting Gijon in the second tier alongside them.

Season ticket sales since dropping out of the top flight have increased in recent years, and only two fellow Segunda B teams can rival the level of support.

Promotion however still alludes the club. Each season loyal socios wait but promotion always seems to evade them.

Real Oviedo achieved its season ticket holders record in the 2023–24 season with 21,500 people.

The fans of Oviedo are gathered in many supporters groups which spread across the Asturias. The most notorious and colorful “peña” (supporter group) is Symmachiarii, considered as the club ultras – Grupo ultra del Real Oviedo, antiesportinguismo and apolitical.