Football Murals – Servette

No other country in the world holds popular votes as often as Switzerland. Swiss citizens can regularly express their opinion or simply their dissatisfaction on any number of things.

People can challenge laws that have been passed by parliament or local governance by means of a referendum. They can propose amendments to the constitution through a people’s initiative or people’s parliaments.

The concept of broad compromise is alive and well.

If consensus and compromise was sought as to whom Servette Geneva’s best ever players are then many legendary players spring to mind both from modern times and back to the 1950’s.

Five of the greatest appear in a large mural located inside the Stade de Genève the modern day stadium of Servette.

So just who are the five captured in art.

Jacques Barlie was a legendary goalkeeper who played for Servette across three decades. Starting in 1959 he played through to the 1970’s also playing for the Swiss national team.

One of the greatest players from the 1990’s, Oliver Neuville started his professional career with Servette.

A capable forward highly astute at playing upfront on his own or just behind the front line, in only his second season for the maroons he scored 16 goals.  This helped the club win the Swiss national championship after a nine-year wait.

He went onto play for the German national team performing of most note at WC 2006.

Lucian Favre was a midfield play-maker who had two spells with Servette firstly as a player and then enjoying a successful spell as the manager.

He has made a name for himself as a coach but is still remember for his spell with Servette.

A quick incisive winger with a brilliant left foot the Bulgarian Martin Petrov joined Servette as a teenager from CSKA Sofia. He went on to be one of the best foreign imports to ever play for the club before he went onto play in Germany, Spain and in England for Manchester City.

One of the Swiss national team’s greatest players from the 1970’s was Hans-Jorg Pfister. A skillful forward who scored 72 goals in 159 games for Servette, he also went on to enjoy success at Grasshopper Zurich.