The Football Stadiums of Athens

Enough has been said of the Greek government debt crisis to last almost a lifetime.  So many lives of both the young and old have been touched by it that there is not enough space to discuss its causes or outcomes.

The capital of Greece is, of course, Athens where what can immediately hit any visitor is the amount of both good and bad graffiti around.  From stunning murals to streets which have ATM cash machines covered with personalized tags, there’s hardly a corner left untouched by an artists’ spray can.

While many a visitor seeks to turn its back on what might be called vandalism for others the art may be a reason to visit in itself. Walls: vans, street signs, benches, trains, bustling restaurants and cafes – even the ancient rocks surrounding the Acropolis are plastered in spray paint.

Unsurprisingly Athens football stadiums are not immune to the work of a spray can or the emotions of the crisis. In fact, it is around both the big and small football stadiums of Athens that the best artwork often exists with art paying homage to heroes of the past and political enemies of the current.

Travelling off the beaten path is not for everyone on a foreign holiday itinerary.   The same road well travelled for some is more than enough.   But for others alternative insights and something that little bit different is what makes a destination come to life.

With its large municipal feel and suburban town outreach, Athens is a gift of prizes for any football stadium hunter.  With neighbourhoods that includes one named after a national hero Lord Byron (Vyronas), Athens contains the football homes of more than 20 clubs many of which have played at one point or another in the top division of Greek football.

From picturesque modern quarters to the paved streets and neoclassical houses of the Monastiraki / Akropolis areas, Athens is a football city that extends for so much further than the traditional homes of Olympiakos and Panathinaikos.




AEK Athens




Apollon Smyrni

Doxa Vyronas


Apollon Halandriou

A.O. Peristeri

Nea Ionia



Proodeftiki Neolea

GS Ilioupolis

Agia Paraskevi



Asteras Zografou