Turin – Old and New

An adventure out to the Vallette borough of the Italian city of Turin can only mean one thing.  This area is home to Serie A club Juventus with views to the nearby snow topped Alps.  The Juventus Stadium was built on the site of the former Stadio delle Alpi; a stadium remembered for its role in Italia 90.

The Stadio delle Alpi was completed in 1990 to host matches for the 1990 FIFA World Cup.  The move from a previous ancestral home the Stadio Comunale to the Stadio Delle Alpi had been controversial given the great expense and the less accessible nature of the ground compared to the older inner city Communale.

Inside the stadium had poor views of the pitch due to the large athletics track. When full the atmosphere could be loud but despite Juventus being the most popular team in Italy attendances at the Stadio Delle Alpi were often dismal particularly during its later years of operation.

During the construction of the new stadium Juventus moved back to the refurbished Communale a move unpopular with many fans of Torino who feels its locality is more in keeping with its own historical roots and traditions at the nearby former Stadio Filadelfia.

The opening ceremony of the new compact Juventus stadium was held on 8 September 2011.  A historical exhibition match was held against English club Notts County.  The choice of opposition was due to the close historical links with Notts County as their now iconic black and white striped shirts were inspired by Notts County’s jersey colours.

For images of the new Juventus Stadium see here.

Click the links for a look at what remains of the old (Stadio Filadelfia) and new home of Torino (Stadio Olimpico).